Getting protected with Personal Armoured Cars

If you are an important person like a celebrity or a diplomat or a government official, etc you might be facing various kinds of threat from the outside world. Even if important personalities might feel safe at home, it is not the case while traveling.

Often, news reports have shown that the world is becoming a hostile world. Added to that, the easy availability of weapons has increased the amount of threat. Even if they might have bodyguards with them, no one can prevent assaults or sabotage of the vehicle. Hence, important personalities prefer to travel in armored vehicles.

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Armored Vehicles Are Slightly Different from Normal Cars

Looking to get armoured car for sale which can protect you during your travels? You can definitely go for bulletproof vehicles. Basically, an armored car is slightly different from normal cars. Armored cars have many layers of armor.

If you take a close look at some popular armored vehicles, you will get to see that they come with a huge price tag. However, going by the price, one can easily get a high level of protection and security. After all, the car would be able to provide protection against AK-47 rifle shots, shots from a pistol, AR-15s, and any other firearms. A good example of it is the Fox vehicle.

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Know the Car

One best thing about armoured car for sale is that it can be made armored resistance, depending on the level of resistance one wants. Composite metal is added for making the vehicles so that it doesn’t become too heavy.

Talking about the FOX armored vehicle has been concocted by the British Alvis Car and Engineering Company and it has been manufactured by the Saladin armored car. Unlike, other armored vehicles, the Fox can carry 3 people. Being light in weight, it can easily rotate its spire which comes with a 30mm RARDEN cannon on top of it. In fact, the cannon is the same tank that is present in the light F107 Scimitar tank. The tank is used by the British army.

So when you are travelling in the Fox, you can use the RARDEN for firing 30x170mm cartridge, a single round. Moreover, it can also fire 6000-grain explosive bullets per second. However, nowadays one gets to see that the 30mm RARDEN being completely changed to Sim Fire gas cannon. Thereby, it has allowed the vehicle to get the legal permission to hit the road. It can run on the road with a speed of 65 miles/hour.

Well, military officials can definitely go for this kind of armoured car for sale. The robust nature of this vehicle makes it ideal to get rid of any obstructions that might come in front of them. Moreover, it is expected that the engine and chassis of the vehicle are armored. Only then it won’t catch fire in the event of being attacked.

The fundamental capability of any armoured car for sale is to efficiently protect people from any kind of attacks. However, the vehicle needs to be maintained properly so that it doesn’t become a victim of wear and tear.